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I can't wait to leave...

Dear electronic journal,

alas, it seems yet another rant needs to be vented onto your pixels.

i've been extremely busy of late. Work has been hectic and i'm ready for a nice sleep in.

i didn't get time to do tin sunday dishes. I was tired and wanted to rest.

it is now wednesday, and the dishes remain unwashed.

i got back from the shower and found a note stuffed under my door. Becaurn i didn't get around to doing sunday's dishes (i was working most of the day), no one else had either. They'd barely cleaned up after the party they'd had sunday. I responded to the note, rather tired and sick of their whining, and told them from now on i'm only doing my own.

i also told them to clean up after themselves, because there were still empty bottles and such laying about.

i can't wait to get out of there. Seriously will not miss it.


Alice! (Tim Burton's remake)

Found some offical pics from the upcoming movie.

All I can say is... wow....

I can't wait to see this! (Images under the cut)Image heavy for slow connectionsCollapse )


Just testing to see he this works.^^
Fuck you world.

Seriously. Fuck you.

First I have no money, need to ask my mum for some so I can fucking eat. Then I find out one of my beloved uncles died Monday. Now I find out my best friends kitty is probably going to be put down because he's in pain and sick as shit.

As if I hadn't already cried enough last night.

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket or something.

Stuff that's happened lately...

So, a fair bit has happened recently.
  1. I have a (*gasp*) social life! I go out Thursday evenings and play D&D with a bunch of awesome random people.
  2. I play D&D Saturday mornings with housemates and their friends, also random funny fun.
  3. My first character in the latter D&D (A half elf rogue called Arithil) died in an arena match. He won't be missed.  He could sneak into anywhere, but he couldn't see what was there. No perception. 
  4. I made a eladrin wizard in his place, who sadly, has more perception than a rogue. Lol.
  5. I ordered, and got an Angel of Dream male dollfie. ( vampghost.deviantart.com/gallery/ <<< pics here ) I got his wig today, it took a fair while to get here. Amber is making me some clothes, once I decide what I want. Yay!
  6. I did and finished a retail course (Cert II), and just finished my work experience at the YMCA as of Monday.
  7. Was offered casual hours at aforementioned place. YAY!
  8. I'm still addicted to Shaiya.
  9. I have Sims 3 and it's good fun.
  10. I've been reading an awesome series by Brent Weeks called The Night Angel trilogy. If you're into fantasy, and like me, have a thing for assissins... read it! It's just, amazing!
  11. I went and saw Phantom of the Opera on Saturday afternoon. That was amazing. I'd go see it again if it wasn't gone and if I had spare money.
I think that's everything really.

Yea, I think it is.

Dear Writers of House,

You guys seriously suck ass. Learn to write a decent script again.

This is two seasons in a row, where the season finale has been a complete waste of the viewers time. You've committed the biggest writing no-no twice now.


Shameless RP plug...


Join up today! Come have fun and explore the New World!

ugh, another rant already...


Housemate based rant